Mission Statement

The Mission of S&E is to provide a universally consistent customer experience. Which is quick, convenient, reliable and error-free. Be assured, this experience will be delivered by a team of employees who's technical and professional skills, as well as their desire to exceed customer expectations.

The following principles are and indication of what S&E Values above all else:

QUALITY: To aspire to quality in every undertaking and to continually improve our people, products, services and profit.

PEOPLE: To seek and encourage enthusiastic people who value pride, hard work and integrity, and who share a common vision, a positive attitude and a belief in one another.

CUSTOMERS: To reward our trusting and loyal customers, without whom, S&E could not continue in business. Employees must believe in the “customer first” concept of service.

TEAMWORK: To increase quality and cooperation by allowing everyone the opportunity to express opinions and ideas. Honest, effective communication is a key to company success.

PROFIT: To make a fair and consistent profit to insure the stability and viability of the company.

LEADERSHIP: To train, support and care for our employees. The company is a recognized leader in the industry and recognizes its duty to provide quality service and to encourage employee growth and safety at every level.

INTEGRITY: To be honest, honorable, and socially responsible in every facet of its operations. The company has established a tradition of fairness and equality to all individuals, regardless of gender, sex, age, race, disability, or personal beliefs.


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