Brett Peterson
Director of Sales   

 I started in the automotive industry in 2000. I started out as a lot tech at a dealership, I then went on to be an apprentice mechanic at that dealership. In 2001 I then moved to the fast lube industry.  I started as a technician and worked my way up in the ranks and have managed many quick lubes and tire stores from 2001 to 2011. Also, in 2003, I earned an automotive scholarship to Weber State University.
I started with S & E Quick Lube Distributors in 2011.

My experience in all of these areas makes it easy
for me to relate to my customers. This knowledge
and experience allows me to help my customers
with any products or services, or to answer
any questions they may have.

Thomas Goudie
Sales & Customer Service   

 20 years ago I started working in sales and customer service with over half of that in the automotive industry from dealerships to quick lube supply. During that time I have received numerous awards and accolades including the regional Appeal-Democrat best salesman award. Those years spent in sales and customer service have prepared me to best help our clients succeed. I am currently earning
my Bachelor’s degree in business management
and look forward to making many great friends
and connections in the industry.

Jake Dyson
Sales & Customer Service   

 My whole career has been centered around customer service. I enjoy developing relationships with my customers, creating solutions, and achieving success alongside the people I work with. I grew up in a family
of auto-mechanics, and enjoy the automotive industry. Camping is a favorite activity of mine, as well as most outdoor activities. Currently, I am in school and enjoying life in Salt Lake
City. Let me know how I can help!

Jonah Bergevin
Customer Service & IT Guy   

 Years of customer service brought me to S&E but it was my interest in technology that made it a success. I Started in 2015 to build a more robust online presence for the company.   Soon after saw the creation of our first ecommerce website and many others innovations. In 2016 I completed a web development bootcamp shifting my focus into the technology industry. In 2017 I returned to
S&E to continue to build the bridge between
technology and the quicklube industry.  

Misty Hales
Accounts Receivable & Customer Service   

 With over 10 wonderful years in customer service and accounts receivable I was excited to join the S&E team in October 2016. Previously working in the medical billing industry, I started out as a receptionist working my way up to medical billing and finishing up as the front office team leader. That experience has adorned me with a fiery passion to help you keep your accounts
running smoothly. The change to the automotive
industry for me has been very refreshing.