Jim Crosby
Operations Manager   

With S&E since 2004

I started with Minit Lube in 1984. I worked in several stores as an assistant manager and manager, and then moved up to training and product/service development. I stayed with Minit Lube through the change to Q Lube and the acquisition by Jiffy Lube. I have worked in the quick lube industry in one area or another since 1984.

The highest level of customer service and providing quality products at a fair price are my main concerns and focus.

I'm proud of the entire S&E team and all of their accomplishments. Everyone here is dedicated to providing our customers with the type of service that they have come to expect.

Sean Malmstrom
V.P. of Sales

I first started in the Sale/ Automotive industry in 1996 with Ken Garff Automotive group. Over the next two years I served in many different capacities and departments to include Sales, F&I, Service and Warranty. In 1998 I continued my automotive focus when I joined Associates Capital Bank Auto Division.

As the Service Manager I was responsible for insuring and maintaining customer relations between Allstate agents, buyers and auto dealer. In 2001 I was recruited as an account manager with a National staffing organization. After two years I moved into Sales Management where I was able to focus and polish my abilities to deliver “Above and Beyond” service and retention. In 2010, after much pleading and begging I was given the elite opportunity to join the S&E team to help drive and deliver our promise.

Brett Peterson
Senior Sales/Customer Service

 I started in the automotive industry in 2000. I started out as a lot tech at a dealership, I then went on to be an apprentice mechanic at that dealership. In 2001 I then moved to the fast lube industry.  I started as a technician and worked my way up in the ranks and have managed many quick lubes and tire stores from 2001 to 2011. Also, in 2003, I earned an automotive scholarship to Weber State University. I started with S & E Quick Lube Distributors in 2011.

My experience in all of these areas makes it easy for me to relate to my customers. This knowledge and experience allows me to help my customers with any products or services, or to answer any questions they may have.

Jessica Evans
Sales/Customer Service

Bio cooming soon



Thomas Goudie
Sales/Customer Service

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