About Us

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, S&E Distributors was established in October 1999. Beginning with only 2 employees, S&E concentrated on providing quality products and superior customer service. Being located in Salt Lake City, S&E was able to deliver or ship those products quickly and efficiently.

Now with more than a million dollar inventory, S&E has grown to a multi-million dollar business, distributing quick lube supplies and other products and equipment to customers throughout the United States. Many of S&E's employees come from the quick lube industry, having worked as technicians, store managers, supervisors and warehouse managers. They understand what it takes to manage a lube center efficiently, while maintaining a high level of customer service and, at the same time, working to remain profitable. We take pride in our ability to quickly respond to customer requests for new or additional products, and our ability to tailor our systems and procedures to meet customer needs. We are large enough to take care of all of your needs, but still small enough to give you the personal care and service that you deserve.

From day one, S&E has worked to provide the highest quality products at a fair price. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and a genuine caring attitude. Our vision is to be driven by our desire to provide complete satisfaction to customers; to provide on-time deliveries of quality products and competitive prices while providing timely and accurate customer service; provide knowledgeable information on products and services in order to exceed customers expectations; and to be an organization of out-standing individuals whose pride and passion shows in its commitment to quality.


Toll Free 1-888-251-2609 Fax 1-801-576-2523


Products Offered

We are a full-line distributor and one-stop shop of products for the fast lube industry. We distribute Vac-U-Fill, Fein, Alto, Haltec, Devon, RTI, Flo-Dynamics, Graco, Raasm, and many other lines of equipment. We offer same-day shipping, easy terms and are located to provide service from coast to coast.

• Filters — oil filters, air filters, cabin filters, fuel filters and transmission filters

• Fluids and additives — OEM and specialty fluids, Full Throttle, Heartland and Mileguard formulas, Smart Blend, LubeGard, TX7, Gumout, Petra, and Puratech

• Service supplies — wiper blades, drain plugs and gaskets, lighting, PCV valves, hose clamps, serpentine belts, radiator caps, clips and fasteners and FluidRX oil testing

• Safety and janitorial — glasses, hats, gloves, shoes, step stools, bathroom supplies, soaps and cleaners

• Shop supplies — glass repair, lubricants and compounds, funnels and dispensers, dipsticks, pumps, pans, storage, flashlights, batteries, a full line of office supplies, coffee and uniforms

• Equipment — transmission machines and fittings, coolant machines, vacuums, air conditioning machines, and a complete line of lube center equipment and pumps